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Turn your media ideas into reality with our expert guidance.We help brands develop successful video products from concept to launch. Our comprehensive services cover all aspects of development, leveraging decades of industry experience to bring your vision to market.Let's partner to create products users love.

Our Services

Product Development

Whether you are updating a web, mobile, or OTT media product or starting from scratch, our PMs and engineers can help.We handle requirements, prototyping, architecture, coding, project management, testing, and maintenance to deliver high-quality software solutions on time and on budget.

Product Strategy

We work with your team to define and take to market video & audio software solutions that solve problems for customers.Our proven process helps to clarify your ideal customer profile (ICP) and addressable market, refine GTM, and guide effective prototyping.

Business Development

Let us identify potential partnerships, channel relationships, and strategic alliances to help your business improve sales, distribution, technical competency, and more.

M&A, IP Diligence

We help funds and dealmakers assess the products and IP of target media technology companies.We conduct thorough product profiling, evaluate IP, patent and technology strengths, identify market risks, and offer key insights to help you make informed investment decisions.

About Interframe

John Luther, Founder

John has worked in digital media and software product development for over 25 years. In that time, he’s become a recognized leader in video technology, contributing to media standards at the W3C, IETF, CTA, and elsewhere.At On2 Technologies, John managed the company’s proprietary video codec products, which were used by billions of users in Adobe Flash, Skype, and JavaFX. After Google acquired On2, he was product leader for HTML5 video in Google Chrome and led the WebM Project (now the Alliance for Open Media) to develop the VP9 and AV1 open video codecs.John joined JW Player in 2014 and led several product teams there before taking over JW Platform and growing it into a leading SaaS video platform with over a billion monthly active users worldwide. He founded Interframe in 2023.

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